IBM Personal Computer XT (5160)

The IBM Personal Computer XT (5160) (usually shortened to PC XT) is the successor of the IBM PC (5150). By default, this machine was sold with a 10MB hard disk and one floppy drive.

IBM called this “eXtended Technology”, or XT for short. All IBM-clones afterwards were based on this model.

Compared to its predecessor, it increased the number of expansion slots from five to eight. It had a base RAM of 128kB (instead of 16kB). On boot, the PC XT will count the total memory installed in the computer. The IBM PC XT lacked a taperecorder connection.

It shipped with PC DOS 2.00 which supported 180kB and 360kB disk capacity (instead of 160/320) by using 9 sectors instead of 8. Also, support for subdirectories was added.

The model shown here is in its original state as it’s bought back in 1984 by a company in Helmond.

The successor is the IBM Personal Computer AT (5170) and IBM Personal Computer XT / 286 (5162)

Catalog type
Desktop computer
Release Date
March 1983
Intel 8088 @ 4.77 Mhz
1x FDD 5,25", 1x HDD 20MB
Operation System

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