Friends of the Museum

The HomeComputerMuseum Foundation is a non-profit organization with the mission to preserveĀ and share the history of the home computer for and with current and future generations.

The HomeComputerMuseum opened its doors on March 17, 2018 in the center of Helmond, part of the Brainport and centrally located in the Benelux. Since February 2020, the museum has been permanently located at Noord Koninginnewal 28 in a 1090m2 location.

The HomeComputerMuseum runs entirely on volunteers, most of whom are at a distance from the labor market. These people are guided within the company to a permanent and happy job.

Three pillars are used to enable the company to function independently.


The main branch of the company. Entrance fees, guided tours for both schools and companies, trade fairs and equipment lending are sources of income. All other pillars are in support of this one. We think it is important that the history and stories surrounding home computers and Dutch computers are completed and told in the correct way. To make a future one must understand the past and the HomeComputerMuseum helps to understand the past. For every computer we know the story of the manufacturer and the story of the people who used the computer. Lost information is also recovered and made available via the museum and the internet.


Our volunteers are the most important thing in the company. Both people through daytime activities (PGB and WMO), (social) internship, work fit and reintegration and ordinary volunteers. At the HomeComputerMuseum everyone is equal, everyone is called a volunteer, no matter what the reason is they are with us.


Since the HomeComputerMuseum is an interactive computer museum, all computers in the museum must be functional. This knowledge is also used to make money, so we offer repair. We a big fighter of Right to Repair, so we will always repair first with a no cure, no pay principle. Both old and new computers.

In addition, we have a rule that excess stock is sold, whereby we will report this to the person who gives us their computer. We will ensure that the machine is working and sold to an enthusiast. If a machine is still suitable for modern tasks (Windows 10 still runs well), we call it a refurbished computer after re-installation and refurbishing. These are sold for cheap prices or given away through the Leergeld foundation.

The last trade is Digital Heritage. Reading old storage media and related data on these media is used to a modern format. For private as well as business and cultural institutions. Thanks to Netwerk Digitaal Erfgoed, the latter group can make use of this remotely.

The concept describes the HomeComputerMuseum as a standalone business, albeit completely non-profit. Our social impact is award-winning and we set the example of how museums survive now and in the future.

To continue this growth, we have created Friends of the Museum. we hope to find partners to help us preserve, document and support the history of the home computer, to complete the history and innovation of the home computer .

The HomeComputerMuseum Foundation has Cultural ANBI status and is also seen as a Social Return. Donations to the museum are fully tax deductible. In addition, we will regularly renew our friends and keep them informed about the progress and growth. We also have nice coffee and tea and always provide a chat and nice stories for our friends.

Check out our special Friends page who we already know as a good friend and hopefully you will be too! You can also do an anonymous donation using our Donation page.