Old (company) computers (data destruction)

Do you have one or more old business computers left over and do you want to contribute to the environment and to a good cause? Consider donating or selling these computer (s) to the HomeComputerMuseum. You help the museum, you help a poor family and you contribute to a better environment.

Your old data, certified deleted.


Every computer that we receive for sale is always reinstalled. However, for some people this data deletion is not enough. For this we use Blancco.
For every erased hard disk we can deliver a certificate with the desired security (number of times data overwritten). This software is used by governments and hospitals and meets these requirements for irreversible data destruction. If we are allowed to sell the computer afterwards, this service is free. For erasing only, we charge a fee for this, depending on the amount and size of the disc to be erased.

The second life of your old (business) computer (including laptops)


Thanks to our close cooperation with Stichting Leergeld and our knowledge of repair, we can give your depreciated computers a wonderful new life.

We ensure that all data is removed professionally and that the computer is provided with a safe installation.

After this, the laptop is offered at a soft, but realistic price. Much goes to poor families who need a laptop through Stichting Leergeld, but individual sales also take place. In all cases we provide a warranty on the laptops ourselves.

Your old computer or laptop can make someone else happy for years to come and ensure that children with a safe operating system can access the Internet or even homeschool.

In addition, you prevent a properly functioning machine from having it destroyed, while you support a museum in addition to a family.

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Current stock


Look for our current stock of computers in our Refurbished webshop or visit the museum.

If large (er) amounts of computers are to be donated or purchased, please also contact us.