Group arrangement

A group is 7 people or more.

€ 8,00 per person.

For visits outside the opening hours, € 2.00 per person will be added on top.

Guided tour

minimum 7 / maximum 30 people.

€ 160 (exclusive access)

A tour lasts approximately 1.5 - 2 hours and includes background information about the systems, history and anecdotes about the respective systems. Each tour is tailored to the wishes of the group and is therefore unique each time.

Children's party

minimum 3 / maximum 15 children.

€ 7,50 per child.
+ 1 adult for the same price.

Each child receives a bag of crisps and a glass of lemonade. Children are free to go through the museum and can optionally follow a small and challenging quiz and if they complete it, they'll receive a fun gift!

School trip

Especially for schools (primary schools)

from € 7,50 per child. maximum 20 children, teachers (max 4) free entrance

Education is important, we all agree.

The HomeComputerMuseum offers a unique interactive
experience where history is explained. We take the children along by using recognizable (modern) items and the comparison
to do with how it used to be. As an example, we show how many floppies can fit on a 1GB USB stick. We challenge the children
to find out for yourself.