• Am I allowed to touch the computers?

Yes, somewhere between 200 and 300 computers are fully powered on, please use them, they are ready for our visitors!

  • Am I allowed to take pictures/videos? Can I share them on the internet?

Yes, please do (but don't use your pics for commercial intentions) make selfies, videos, drawings and whatnot, and please tag us when you post them online; we love that!

  • Aren't you afraid something will break down?

There always is a little fear of something breaking down. The computers are prepared to be powered on when we're open. As a museum we assume the good intentions from our visitors.

  • Do you have computer X or Y?

Please ask us! We may have the computer you are thinking about. Please ask a volunteer when you are in the museum, or send us a mail in advance when you want to visit us. It's possible we have it in our storage. We love to take it from there and prepare it so you can play or program on it again!

  • Can I take a look at your storage?

Please ask one of our volunteers, there is a possibility you can visit it under supervision from one of our volunteers.

  • How long am I allowed to stay at the museum?

When we turn out the lights, computers, close the entrance and switch on the alarm. tldr; until we close the museum at the end of the day!

  • Are you accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes, there is plenty of room in the museum when you need to use a wheelchair, but please bear in mind that our toilets are not prepared for visitors in a wheelchair.

  • What are the costs of the power the computers in the museum needs?

A few hundred Euro's each month. The computers in the museum are using a total of somewhere between 10 and 15 Kilowatt. An old computer uses less power than a modern gaming machine. I.e. a Commodore 64 including a monitor uses about 90 Watts, an Intel i5 4690 processor uses that same amount of power for itself alone when fully loaded!

  • Why don't you use power saving LCD monitors for all computers?

There isn't that much difference in power consumption in comparison to an old monitor; the user experience is completely different and much worse with a modern LCD monitor on a Commodore 64!

  • Everything flashes / I'm hearing high pitched noises.

Yes we are aware of that; you are hearing the old tubes in the monitors. You are hearing them until you reach somewhere in your 30th birthday. After that you're not able to hear these high frequencies anymore. The flashing is something you have to get used to, when we were young the flashing was there too, but we were used to it!

  • Isn't that bad for the body?

If you don't eat it, it isn't bad at all. Also the licking of powercables is something we absolutely wouldn't recommend!!1!

  • Am I allowed to bring, test, execute my own software on one of the computers?

Please do but inform one of our volunteers if you would like to do so he or she can help you, and please don't use any illegal software on our computers!

  • Am I allowed to eat or drink next to a computer?

No, please enjoy your drinks and/or food at our SpaceBar. By the way, we don't sell any drugs there!

  • Do you sell anything sometime?

Yes, please take a look at our online webshop! And when you reach the end of the museum you get into our shop. And when you are looking for something please ask us, we might be able to help you!

  • I have an old computer at the attic, you want to have it/buy it?

Almost anything computer-related is more than welcome. Please inform us up ahead what it is so we don't have too many of one computer in our storage. Sometimes we come and pick it up at your desired address and in some cases we can pay for your old hardware.

  • Am I allowed to donate money?

Only when it's from a legal source.

  • Are you looking for something special?

Please take a look at our Hardware Donation page on our website.

  • Can I be a volunteer at the museum?

Yes, ask for Bart or Patrick, they are able to inform you further.

  • Can I get a paid job at the museum?

No, at this moment that's not possible

  • How many computers does the museum have in total?

For now our guess is about 2500 computers. Not counted are printers, diskdrives, tapedrives, monitors and other hardware.