• Can I touch the computers?

Yes, between 200 and 300 computers are on and allowed to use. But do not lick them, please.

  • Can I take / share photos and/or videos on the Internet?

Yes. Photos, videos, selfies, drawings, etc. Everything is allowed. Sharing on the Internet (without commercial slant) is also allowed. We also like to be tagged!

  • Aren't you afraid it will break?

There is always a fear that something will break. The computers are prepared, where possible, to be on for extended periods of time. We assume that our visitors use the materials for which they are intended.

  • Do you have computer X?

You can always ask, we may have them. Ask an employee or send an e-mail and we will remove it from storage.

  • Can I see your storage?

Ask one of the employees, there is a chance that this is allowed under supervision.

  • Do you repair everything yourself?

Yes. We have a technical service that can repair all computers, monitors, printers, disk drives, coffee makers, amplifiers, Sinclair C5s and speakers.

  • How many people work for you?

We have an average of between 35 and 45 volunteers in total.

  • How long can I stay?

Until we close.

  • Are you accessible for the disabled?

Yes. However, the toilets are not prepared for this. There is plenty of room everywhere to move around.

  • What do you pay for electricity, you must've a huge bill ?

Around €2000 per month. The computers in the museum use between 15 and 20KWatt. An old computer generally consumes less power than a modern gaming computer. A complete Commodore 64, including monitor, uses about 160 watts.

  • Why not use economical LCD screens?

There is little difference in power consumption. The experience is completely different and worse.

  • So you certainly get a lot of subsidy or do you have a big sponsor?

Nope. Our annual subsidy is negligible (less than €500 a year) and naturally we have fantastic sponsors, but that's not enough to pay for everything. The property is rented and all costs are paid by our revenue. Revenue from ticket sales, services and social initiatives. We are happy to explain how we do this and why we are proud to be completely independent. All (financial) help is of course very welcome.

  • Everything flashes / I hear high-pitched beeps.

Yes, these are the monitors (CRT). They are no worse than before. The beep is audible until about 30 years old, after that you no longer hear this high frequency. Blinking is a habit, that's how it used to blink and we were used to it.

  • Isn't it unhealthy?

No. It's generally a bad idea to eat them. We also highly prefer you don't lick them either.

  • Can I test my own software on a computer?

Yes, provided this is indicated so that an employee can watch.

  • Can I eat or drink at the computer?

No. That is allowed in our space bar. We don't sell drugs there.

  • Do you also sell something?

Yes, see our online shop or in the shop at the end of the museum. Are you looking for something special? You can always ask!

  • So can I buy that computer from the collection?

No, computers included in the collection or in the museum are never sold.

  • Not even for a lot of money?

No! Of course you can donate a lot of money or adopt the computer in question, then we will take good care of it.

  • I still have an old computer, would you like to have it?

Almost everything is welcome, we would like it to be told in advance so that we can prevent that we get too much of 1 machine. Sometimes we pick it up and in some cases we also pay for it.

  • Can I also donate money?

Only if it's legal money. But yes.

  • What are you looking for ?

See our Wishlist page.

  • Can I become a volunteer?

Yes, ask for Bart or Patrick.

  • Can I get a paid job with you?

No, not at the moment.

  • How many computers do you have in total?

The estimate is around 3000 computers. Printers, drives, monitors and loose hardware are not counted.