Do you want to insure your own computer collection or do you want to know what it is worth for the sale? The HomeComputerMuseum has a solution!

We can carry out a non-binding valuation. We pay attention to the following 5 points to determine the value:

  • 5% – What did a computer cost when it was new?
  • 10% – How has this computer influenced the history?
  • 10% – Where was the computer sold?
  • 30% – What is the current question of the type of computer?
  • 30% – What is the current trading value of the type of computer?
  • 20% – What is the condition of the computer?
  • 5% – What are the expectations for the future?

You can always be sure of a fair valuation. It is not interesting for us as HomeComputerMuseum to estimate too high, because then we can no longer buy this ourselves or we pay too much for insurance ourselves and we do not go too low, because then we are underinsured.

We are the only one who can answer the above questions and base the value on that. This is already largely possible