Social internship and internship

The HomeComputerMuseum offers a regular internship as a social internship. Unlike many companies, there is no difference in the type of internship with us.

For this reason, we also expect that when a social internship is done with us, there is an interest in one of the parts of the HomeComputerMuseum and, not unimportantly, an interest in computers and the desire to do something with it later.

An intern does not need to vacuum, wash dishes or cleaning (no more than other employees), but we will teach the intern how to repair a computer and what is involved in keeping a museum active.

Duties include;

  • Testing software and games
  • Installation of computers
  • Repair of computers
  • Thinking about events and promotions in the museum

Many people from the (social) internship stayed on as volunteers at the museum.

For more information and options for a (social) internship at the HomeComputerMuseum, please contact us.