Hardware Donation

If you can answer yes to one of the questions below, please read on!

  • Do you still have one or more old computers that you want to give a good home?
  • Are there old computers in the way and does your partner really want the space back?
  • Do you have a batch of computers that you are going to replace and you want to be able to help people with this without taking up time?

The HomeComputerMuseum has a solution for all these questions.

Donate Retro computers (older than 10 years)

In principle, we accept all computers and related hardware. We can immediately tell you what is being done with it. There are 3 options available.

  • The donated device ends up in the museum.
  • The donated device ends up in storage (in case we already have one).
  • The donated device will be refurbished and sold to other collectors with the proceeds going to the HomeComputerMuseum.

We only proceed to sale if we have at least 3 in stock. We will also tell you if this is going to happen. Donated computers are never sold unless we have indicated this in the donation.

Before a device enters the museum, it will be checked, refurbished and existing (personal) data removed. Of course it is possible that any personal data will be stored so that you can take it home. After that, it is guaranteed to be removed and we cannot recover it!

With a donation you will in any case receive one (or more) free entrance ticket (s) and a nice cup of coffee or tea.

Please feel free to contact us and we will reply to you within 24 hours. Thank you in advance for considering that your computer(s) will be placed in the largest Interactive computer museum in the Benelux.