Hardware Leasing

Do you have a valuable computer that you don't really want to lose, but you want to show it in a museum?

All computers of the HomeComputerMuseum are privately owned. This is to guarantee the future of the museum objects and to separate them from the foundation.

From experience we can report that old computers will fail when they are no longer used. In the HomeComputerMuseum, these computers are therefore switched on almost daily to ensure that no damage is caused by downtime. As an added benefit, people can also enjoy or view it optimally.

Agreements are made on paper what happens to what is lent:

  • Are visitors allowed to touch?
  • Can HomeComputerMuseum switch on the machine and repair it if desired?
  • Is it a temporary loan or a permanent loan?

The object remains your property, so you decide. Do you want the object back at home? No problem. You can always reach the machine and you will therefore receive a permanent access card to the museum. If desired, your name will also be mentioned with the object as the owner.

Do you wish to make use of one of the options, please feel free to contact us and we will reply to you within 24 hours. Thank you in advance for considering that your computer (s) will be placed in the largest Interactive computer museum in the Benelux.