Data recovery and Digital Heritage

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It happens to everyone, accidentally deleting important data from a storage medium. Or you found a diskette or other medium that you can no longer read? The HomeComputerMuseum offers a solution in the way that only the HomeComputerMuseum can.

"Finally being able to read my lost data again!"

Data deleted?

No cure, no pay

Accidentally deleted data from your SD card, USB drive or hard disk? We have specialized data recovery software and can even temporarily revive failed hard drives to secure data.

Your data is offered to you via your own new medium or shared via a cloud service. As soon as we have shared this data and you have it safely back in your hands, we will irrevocably delete the data again in accordance with the GDPR standards.

We do not calculate per MB, but what it actually costs us in terms of time. Starting price is € 25 and only needs to be paid if we have been able to restore the data.

Unreadable medium?

For companies, individuals and institutions

In collaboration with the Network Digital Heritage, we offer companies, private individuals and (cultural) institutions the opportunity to read old media (such as diskettes in all formats, tape drives, ZIP disks, SyQuest disks, JAZ disks and even cassette tapes.

You read it correctly, the reading CAN be done by us, but the data may be too special that you would prefer to do this yourself. No problem, we have the self-processing street for that. Under the guidance of an employee, we will show you how to retrieve data from the media, after which you can carry it out yourself, while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.

Of course we can also read this data for you and, just like with deletion, send it to you after which it will be deleted.

For smaller cultural institutions this is free, for individuals and companies it is charged at an hourly rate.

But what if you have the data, but you can’t do anything with it yet? We are the only one in the Netherlands to have a solution for that too.

For unusable (antique) files

In case of files, but no usable data yet.

We are the only place in the Netherlands that offers the possibility to read old file formats on the original computer with the original software.

We can copy data from any computer, so we can also read your old files and convert them to a more modern format. Because only reading a medium does not mean that you have your data.

For smaller cultural institutions this is free, for individuals and companies it is charged at an hourly rate.

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