Non-Profit Organization

501(c) (3) organization status

The HomeComputerMuseum Foundation is a non-profit organization (501(c) (3)). This means that we meet the requirements set by the tax authorities for good cultural causes.

This allows you as a donor and / or company to donate with tax benefits. We also do not have to pay tax on donations and estates.

Donate with a tax benefit

Would you like to get part of your structural donations back from the tax authorities? Then record your donation in a donation deed and receive a refund on your donated amount.


Gifts included in a gift agreement

If you record your donations in a donation agreement for a minimum of 5 years, you will receive a large part back from the tax authorities. Depending on the amount of your donation and the percentage of income tax you pay, this can amount to 51.95%. There are no costs associated with concluding a gift agreement.

Gifts without a gift agreement

Gifts above 1% of your threshold income, with a minimum of €60, are deductible. You may deduct what you have paid in excess of this threshold amount. You may not deduct more than the maximum: 10% of your threshold income.

Example: you have a threshold income of €25,000 and donate €300 per year. 1% of the threshold income is €250. Then €50 is deductible from your income tax return (€300 - €50). With a donation agreement, your total donation of €300 is deductible.

For more information

Via this website of the tax authorities >>


Gifts to a 501(c) (3) organization can be used as a profit deduction, see also via this site of the tax authorities >>>

An increase of 50% applies to companies (max. €2500). You donate €1000 to us and may then deduct €1500 (50% increase). The increase may be a maximum of €2500, above that it is rounded up to €2500.
Example 1: Donation €6000, increase 50% = €3000. However, the max is €2500, so the deductible item is €8,500.
Example 2: Donation € 3000, increase 50% = € 1500, deductible item is € 4500.

Donations must be demonstrated in writing.

We will also include your name as a donor (if desired).

Legacy donations to HCM

Would you like to make a donation to the HomeComputerMuseum Foundation? We really appreciate this. We ensure that your estate ends up in the right direction. As a charity organization, the HomeComputerMuseum Foundation does not have to pay tax on your donation. So whether it concerns a large or a small amount, your total donation will benefit the foundation and thus the preservation of the history of the (home) computer.

You can take the following information with you to your notary:
Stichting HomeComputerMuseum
established in Helmond
Mailing address: Noord Koninginnewal 28, 5701 NK Helmond

registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 70907471. Bank account number: NL51 INGB 0008 302 302

Important information

Tax name: 
Stichting HomeComputerMuseum

Fiscal Code (RSIN): 

Contact details:
Stichting HomeComputerMuseum,
established in Helmond
Mailing address:      
Noord Koninginnewal 28
5701 NK Helmond

+31 492 74 74 74

[email protected]



NL51 INGB 0008 302 302