Non-Profit Organization

501(c) (3) organization status

The HomeComputerMuseum Foundation is a non-profit organization (501(c) (3)). This means that we meet the requirements set by the tax authorities for good cultural causes.

This allows you as a donor and / or company to donate with tax benefits. We also do not have to pay tax on donations and estates.

Donate with a tax benefit

Would you like to get part of your structural donations back from the tax authorities? Then record your donation in a donation deed and receive a refund on your donated amount.

Gifts included in a gift agreement

If you record your donations in a donation agreement for a minimum of 5 years, you will receive a large part back from the tax authorities. Depending on the amount of your donation and the percentage of income tax you pay, this can amount to 51.95%. There are no costs associated with concluding a gift agreement.

Gifts without a gift agreement

Gifts above 1% of your threshold income, with a minimum of €60, are deductible. You may deduct what you have paid in excess of this threshold amount. You may not deduct more than the maximum: 10% of your threshold income.

Example: you have a threshold income of €25,000 and donate €300 per year. 1% of the threshold income is €250. Then €50 is deductible from your income tax return (€300 - €50). With a donation agreement, your total donation of €300 is deductible.

For more information please visit this website of the Tax Administration >>


Gifts to a 501(c) (3) non-organization can be used as a profit deduction.
Donations must be demonstrated in writing, we will also include your name as a donor (if desired).

An increase of 50% applies to companies (max. €2500). You donate €1000 to us and may then deduct €1500 (50% increase). The increase may be a maximum of €2500, above that it is rounded up to €2500.
Example 1: Donation €6000, increase 50% = €3000. However, the max is €2500, so the deductible item is €8,500.
Example 2: Donation € 3000, increase 50% = € 1500, deductible item is € 4500.

For more information please visit this website of the Tax Administration >>

Legacy donations to HCM

Would you like to make a donation to the HomeComputerMuseum Foundation? We really appreciate this. We ensure that your estate ends up in the right direction. As a charity organization, the HomeComputerMuseum Foundation does not have to pay tax on your donation. So whether it concerns a large or a small amount, your total donation will benefit the foundation and thus the preservation of the history of the (home) computer.