Financial Donation

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The HomeComputerMuseum is a unique institution dedicated to preserving, researching, and presenting the history of home computers. We are proud to have a cultural ANBI (Public Benefit Organization) status, which means that every donation to our museum is of great value and can provide tax benefits to donors.

Anonymous donations

We understand that some people prefer to donate anonymously. Therefore, we offer various options to make your support anonymous. If you choose to make a monetary donation, you can transfer it to NL51INGB0008302302 under the name of Stichting HomeComputerMuseum, indicating "Donation". Additionally, you can use the form below. No data is being send outside the website.

Your donation makes a difference

Every donation we receive is fully utilized to support the HomeComputerMuseum. Your generous contribution enables us to conduct more research on the history and stories of home computers. We strive to inform and inspire our audience through engaging exhibitions, educational programs, and events.

Bringing people back to paid employment

Another important goal of the HomeComputerMuseum is to help individuals with a distance to the labor market return to paid employment. Through training and guidance, we provide these individuals with the opportunity to develop their skills and build self-confidence. With your donation, we can assist more people and positively impact their lives.

Friends of the Museum

As a company, you have the option to become a Friend of the Museum. By making an annual donation, you can provide ongoing support to our museum. For more information about the benefits and participation as a Friend of the Museum, please refer to our Friends page on our website.

Monthly contribution and computer adoption

As an individual, you can contribute to the HomeComputerMuseum in two ways. Firstly, you can make a monthly contribution via Patreon, which allows us to realize ongoing projects and expand the collection. Secondly, you can adopt a computer, thereby supporting a tangible part of the home computer's history.

We sincerely thank you for your support of the HomeComputerMuseum. Together, we can preserve the history of home computers and ensure that these significant stories are told.

Your donation makes a world of difference!