Financial Donation

The HomeComputerMuseum Foundation receives little or no subsidy from governments. To be able to pay for the rent and electricity, we are completely dependent on our ticket sales, repair and sales service and financial support to provide people with disabilities with a workplace.

A financial donation is therefore always wanted and will be invested in improvements to the museum, improvement of the collection and better support for people with disabilities.

We have 2 options for companies, through Sponsorship or using tax-deduction with Culturele ANBI-status.

If you want to make a financial contribution, you are of course very welcome to visit the museum. If you also want to give extra, which we naturally hope very much, we have the following options:

  • Annual subscription at € 64.00 per year (children up to 16 and a maximum of 4 per subscription free!)
  • Adopt a computer at € 128,00
  • A free donation via Paypal.
  • Through a monthly contribution through Patreon which includes insight in how the museum works.
  • Bank transfer to NL51INGB0008302302 (Name: Stichting HomeComputerMuseum)