Mobile Museum (trade fairs, events, presentations)

Do you have a meeting, trade fair or presentation where it would be nice for your visitors if recognizable and playable computers from the period 1970 to 2005 were placed there?

All the stories from the computers will be told and these can also be read in both English and Dutch.

At least 80% of the computers are ready to play, just like in the HomeComputerMuseum. Something can be demonstrated on it, stories will be shared and the computers can be used. A fully-fledged museum, in miniature. Whether it's 1 day or several days, the HomeComputerMuseum guarantees a sense of nostalgia and a piece of unique entertainment on your occasion!

Optionally, a presentation can be given by our director, see the Museum Talk section.


The entry price is €750 excl. VAT (assuming 10 hours on site). Smaller budget is negotiable.


  • up to 5 machines from the period 1977 to 2005.
  • Good representation of the history of the home computer.
  • Machines with word processors, games and various operating systems.
  • Ideally suited for schools or information evenings.


  • up to 13 machines from 1970 to 2010.
  • Full representation of the history of the home computer.
  • LAN-gaming.
  • Optional game consoles.
  • Various types of games, including a network game.
  • Extremely suitable for (bachelor) parties, schools and small fairs.


  • up to 25 machines from the period 1970 to 2010.
  • Including real dialing in to the Internet.
  • Full representation of the history of the home computer.
  • LAN-gaming.
  • Optional game consoles.
  • Ideally suited for large events.


Choose the machines and the program you want to show yourself.
You decide where the focus is, this can be software and hardware!

Requirements for the location

The location must be accessible with a high van (2m55 height). Any parking costs must be paid by the tenant.

Preference for a lockable room on the ground floor or accessible by elevator.

Sufficient power must be available (230v, 16a), we take enough junction boxes with us.

There must be 1 meter of space available on a table per computer. There can be 2 chairs near a computer per table. The HomeComputerMuseum does not take chairs or tables.

Logically, the space will also have to be free of water or large magnetic sources. These are old computers. There is a chance that a computer will not work on site and cannot be repaired on site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can everyone sit at the computer?

Yes, the computers are prepared for strange hands. It is expected that people use the computer as they do at home.

What if someone breaks a computer?

Most can be repaired. If a device is intentionally made defective, this will be invoiced for repair or replacement.

Are there valuable computers?

The computers taken are not the most rare or valuable in the museum. However, there is a value to the machines, so breaking them is not appreciated.

The group is larger or smaller than the indicated number, can this be adjusted?

Yes, the number of computers is variable, but there is a maximum number of computers that can reasonably be taken along. Please contact us for the specific options.

Interested? Contact us!