Low-income Computers

The HomeComputerMuseum is offered many computers, including computers that are too new to be used as a museum object. In many cases these computers are still ideal for typing a letter, e-mailing and general internet use.

Since the beginning of 2019 we have start selling Computers for individuals with a Low-income. These are computers several years old that can still be used for daily tasks on the Internet, but are no longer suitable for running modern games.

These computers are provided by the volunteer team at the HomeComputerMuseum with a recent operating system (Windows 10 or Ubuntu), an Office package (LibreOffice) and a virus scanner. These machines are provided with sufficient memory and are neatly cleaned (and possibly provided with a new battery in case of laptops).

As a result, we deliver a complete computer (desktop, monitor, mouse, keyboard) or laptop from €100. For a small additional charge, we can also install an SSD, so that these machines actually have no delay anymore.


These computers are for sale through our shop or via Stichting Leergeld . Proceeds from the computers go 100% to the HomeComputerMuseum foundation