Visitor Terms & Conditions

A visit to the HomeComputerMuseum is a fun and educational outing. In order to create a good and liveable environment for all visitors, we apply the following visitor conditions within the museum walls:

  • You can store umbrellas, bags, backpacks and backpack-carriers for small children in the wardrobe or lockers.
  • Eating and drinking is only allowed in the Spacebar in the middle of the museum.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the building.
  • Running is not allowed.
  • Toy swords, (stabbing)weapons, dangerous objects or substances and causing nuisance are prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to connect museum items (including computers), remove items or move items to other computers without the express permission of a museum employee.
  • Do not force or damage devices, damage will be recovered.
  • Do not climb on display cases and museum attributes.
  • Pets or animals are not allowed, with the exception of so-called SOHO and guide dogs for blind and partially sighted visitors.
  • Children under 14 are only accompanied by an adult in the museum.
  • Photographing, filming and making video recordings as well as sharing these on personal social media is allowed. The recordings are not for commercial use unless agreed.