IBM Portable Personal Computer (5155)

The IBM Portable Personal Computer 5155 model 68 is an early portable (luggable) computer developed by IBM after the success of the Compaq Portable.

It came out in February 1984 and was soon replaced by the IBM Convertible PC.

The IBM Portable PC is actually an IBM PC XT (5160) in an all-in-one case.

The system includes 256 KB of memory (expandable to 512 KB on the motherboard), an additional CGA card connected to an internal monochrome amber composite monitor, and one or two half-height 5 1⁄4-inch 360 KB floppy disk drives.

Unlike the Compaq Portable, which used a dual-mode monitor and a dedicated graphics card, IBM used a standard CGA card and a 9-inch amber monochrome composite monitor, with the disadvantage of a lower resolution. This computer does display color on an external monitor.

Included is a separate 83-key keyboard with a cable, which uses a telephone jack-style connector. The cable from the connector then went to the back of the machine, where the original XT keyboard connector was located.

The machine was never shipped with a hard disk by IBM, but it was offered through third parties. The motherboard has 8 ISA expansion slots. The machine does not have a battery on board so requires a standard power connection to function.

The weight is 15 kilograms.

Catalog type
Portable computer
Release Date
February 1984
Intel 8088 @ 4 Mhz
2x DD 5,25"
Operation System
MS-DOS 2.11

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