Amiga 1200

The Amiga 1200 was released at the same time as the Amiga 4000, which was mainly intended for professional use. Based on the same AGA chipset and the actual successor to the Amiga 500/600.

Released under the Commodore flag as well as Amiga Technologies, a division founded by Escom after Commodore was acquired.

Like the Amiga 600, this machine has an IDE interface on board and can be easily expanded via PCMCIA. A processor and / or memory card can also be put in to make this machine upgradeable and faster.

The Amiga 1200 has been used a lot as a game computer but also as a computer to compose music, especially in the early 90's this was done a lot with Protracker. The so-called MOD files.

Catalog type
Desktop computer
Release Date
October 1992
Motorola 680EC20 @ 14.18 Mhz
3,5" FDD
Operation System
Workbench 3.0

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