Toshiba T1000

The Toshiba T1000 is a laptop computer manufactured by the Toshiba Corporation in 1987. It has a similar specification to the IBM PC Convertible, with a 4.77 MHz 80C88 processor, 512 KB RAM and a monochrome CGA compatible LCD display.

Unlike the Convertible, it has a standard serial and parallel port, connections for an external monitor and a real-time clock. Unusually for an IBM compatible PC, the T1000 includes a 256 KB ROM with a copy of MS-DOS 2.11. This serves as a small, read-only hard drive. Alternative operating systems can still be loaded from the diskette drive, or (if present) the ramdisk.

Catalog type
Portable computer
Release Date
March 1987
80c88 @ 4.77MHz
Operation System
DOS 2.11

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