Tandy 1000TL

The Tandy 1000 TL and TL/2 used 8 MHz Intel 80286 processors, whereas the TL/3 used a 10 MHz 80286. The TLs had 640 KB of memory preinstalled, with an option for an extra 128 KB for video frame buffering just as in the 1000 TX. Unlike the SL series machines, the TL machines came with the SmartWatch real-time clock logic built-in, which was powered by a removable 3-volt CR2032 button-cell battery on the motherboard.

The TL offered five 8-bit XT-compatible ISA slots, while the TL/2 and TL/3 offered four slots and an on-board 8-bit, XT IDE-compatible hard disk interface, which was not compatible with standard AT IDE hard drives. The TL series offered two upper 3.5" bays and one lower 5.25" bay. The TL/3 also offered a high-density floppy drive controller for 1.44 MB drives, though it shipped with a double-density 3.5" 720 KB drive.

As the processors on the TL-series are socketed, it is possible to install 386SX or Cyrix 486SLC-based processor upgrades, though the benefit of installing more advanced processors is limited beyond merely providing a speed increase due to the computers' XT-based architecture, and their resulting inability to access extended memory above 1 MB.

Catalog type
Desktop computer
Release Date
Intel 80286 @ 8 Mhz
1x FDD 3,5"
Operation System
MS-DOS 3.3

Museum Collection

Set up in the 80s area.