IBM Portable Computer 5100

The IBM 5100, introduced 6 years before the IBM Personal Computer and 8 years before the Compaq portable, is one of the first portable computers. Successor to a prototype called the SCAMP (Special Computer APL Machine Portable). The SCAMP was named "the world's first personal computer" by PC magazine.

IBM's very first "transportable" computer was an "IBM 1401", transportable by truck (called DataMobile).

The IBM 5100 is equipped with a 16-bit processor module called: PALM (Put All Logic in Microcode). The system had a weight of about 25 kg with the size of a small suitcase, supplied with a carrying case (hence portable).

A portable system with a large amount of RAM and ROM, including a CRT display and tape drive. A considerable achievement for the time (1975)!


Catalog type
Portable computer
Release Date
September 1975
IBM PALM Processor @ 1.9 MHz
16-64 KiB RAM
32-64 KiB ROM
Operation System

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