In the early 80s there were several computer manufacturers. The most known one is Tulip computers which was called Compudata. A less known one is Holborn, which made extraordinary looking computers. The company started in Hengelo, but moved quickly to Enschede.

Holborn made specialized computers, specially crafted to work for a particular company. All computers were developed and produced by Holborn itself. No unneeded costs for licensing.

The design was extraordinary. It’s now seen as the ET look-a-like.

The Holborn computersystem was intended to be multi user and expandable when needed. Holborn themself called it the ‘growcomputer’. The main system consists of the 9100 server and 9120 terminal.

Later a 7100 was released, which was a cheaper version of the 9100. However, it could be expanded to a 9100.

The machine ran on the HOS operating system, also developed in-house by Holborn. It was started up from ROM and applications could be started from disks. But, the business market was big and mainly used CP/M. This was also noticed by the Holborn people so they developed the Holborn 6100.

The 6100 was a stand-alone computer and ran CP/M from disk. However, IBM proofed to be to big in the market and Holborn declared bankruptcy in 1983, creating less than 100 6100 computers and leaving only 2 prototypes of the 6500 which had diskdrives built-in.

Desktop Computer

Holborn 6110