Amiga 4000T

The Amiga 4000T, also known as A4000T, is a tower version of Commodore's A4000 personal computer. Using the AGA chipset, it was originally released in small quantities in 1994 with a 25 MHz Motorola 68040 CPU, and re-released in larger numbers by Escom in 1995, after the demise of Commodore, along with a new variant with a 50 MHz Motorola 68060 CPU

The A4000T was the only Amiga ever to have both SCSI and IDE interfaces built into the motherboard. Having driver software for both interfaces in the 512 KB ROM meant that some other parts of AmigaOS had to be moved from the ROM, and so the A4000T was the only machine that required the "workbench.library" file to be saved to disk for the default operating system. It was also the only Amiga to use a PC motherboard (AT) form factor, and one of the few to use a lithium battery instead of a nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery, greatly reducing the risk of corrosive liquids leaking onto the motherboard. and cause damage with age. Modularity was another unique aspect of the machine, with the CPU, audio, video and input-output ports all on separate daughter boards. This made the machine almost modular.

The machine was intended as a high-end video workstation with extensibility in mind and with NewTek's Video Toaster in mind. The motherboard contains two Amiga video slots, five 100-pin Zorro III slots and 4 ISA slots, and the case can accommodate up to six drives. Up to 16MB of RAM can be installed on the motherboard, while some CPU cards allow additional RAM to be installed (up to 128MB), and even more can be added on Zorro cards.

This was the last computer released by Commodore International. It is estimated that only 200 Commodore-branded A4000Ts were produced before the company went bankrupt. Production of the A4000T resumed after Escom purchased the Amiga assets. Aside from the new option of a 68060 CPU, the Escom-manufactured 4000Ts showed minor differences from the old ones, including the replacement of the high-density diskette drive with a dual-density floppy drive and a different front panel on the case.

Catalog type
Desktop computer
Release Date
Motorola 68040 @ 25 MHz
1.76 MB 3,5" + HDD
Operation System
AmigaOS 3.1

Museum Collection

Set up in the 90s area.