Bondwell was a manufacturer of home computers

They initially sold a line of Z80, CP / M-80 based Osborne-like laptops such as Bondwell-12, Bondwell-14 (1984) and Bondwell-16 (1985). An exceptional feature in these was a built-in speech synthesizer.

The Bondwell-8 was a laptop with 512 KiB of RAM and a 4.77 MHz Intel 8088 processor. It had a backlit screen that could display 80×25 lines of text, or 640×200 pixels of monochrome graphics. It also had a built-in floppy disk that uses 3.5-inch 720 KiB PC-formatted floppy disks.

Bondwell has also produced a range of 286-based laptops.

Portable Computers

Bondwell 12
Bondwell 14
Bondwell B200