Bondwell B200

This laptop is an alternative for Toshiba T1000 series laptops.

It has no hard drive and no way to connect any. The only data storage is through floppy disks, using two 720kB drives. But it was still too expensive for Polish economic conditions, so one University could, in the early 1990s, hardly afford one unit. It runs MS-DOS and is PC compatible. The screen is monochrome LCD, it's not backlit, so the quality is very poor (It is likely that it is worse than in Amstrad PPC),
even with inverted mode, which can be enabled with the switch on the back.

Bondwell is a brand known of their CP/M laptops Model 1, Model 2 and Model 8. The B200 uses much technology from its ancestors. Later the B310 was introduced which had a hard drive instead of one floppy drive.

Catalog type
Portable computer
Release Date
Z80 @ 10 MHz
640 kb
Operation System