Atari 1040STF

The Atari 1040STF is the successor to the Atari 520ST. This machine is the first machine under 00 which has 1MB on board as standard. In addition, the power supply is incorporated in the cabinet and there is a floppy drive (DSDD) with 720K storage capacity as standard.

The Atari is renowned in the music industry. This is because of the MIDI input and output capabilities of this machine. Cubase, among others, is a well-known phenomenon that was developed on the Atari.

Even today, Atari computers are used to work out music. In the 90's in particular, the 1040STF and 1040STE have been used to make music, especially in the house and rap world.

The Atari 1040 series is the big competitor to the Amiga. However, the Amiga has some advantages in terms of graphics and is better in sound, the Atari was only a little earlier so it won this competition especially in the beginning. Only after 1987, when the Amiga 500 was there, started to use the possibilities of the Amiga and the Atari started to lag behind in gaming.

Catalog type
Desktop computer
Release Date
Motorola 68000 @ 8 Mhz
720 kB 3,5"
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