Tulip sx compact 2

February 1989 Tulip Computers introduced the Tulip SX Compact 2. A machine that is located in a 286 environment, but is capable of running specific 386 software due to the type of processor.

Inside the compact housing is a compact motherboard (by VLSI and ASICs) with a powerful 16MHz 80386 SX. Due to the integrated EMS 4.0 support and the LIM EMS driver, the internal memory above 1 Mb of the Tulip SX Compact 2 can be used as expandable memory up to a maximum of 3 Mb on the motherboard. If the EMS 4.0 function is not used, the standard internal memory between 640 Kb and 1 Mb can be used to make the BIOS or any EGA/VGA BIOS ROMs faster. This is done by the "shadow RAM" function which provides a significant speed improvement.
The system comes standard with a 20 MB HDU, a 1.2 Mb or 1.44 Mb FDU, DGA card and monochrome monitor.

Catalog type
Desktop computer
Release Date
February 1989
80386 SX @ 16MHz
20 MB HDD + 1,2 MB/ 1,44MB FDD

Museum Collection

Set up in the 80s area.