Tulip AT Compact 3

On January 5, 1990, Tulip introduced the AT Compact 3. A 12.5 MHz 80286 processor forms the heart of this successor to the AT Compact 2.

The AT Compact 3 comes standard with a 40 Mb HD and has 1 Mb internal memory as standard (expandable to 4 Mb on the motherboard).

The machine is equipped with System Password Protection which ensures effective security. The user must enter a password to start the computer.

The AT Compact 3 comes with DGA adapter, MS DOS 4.01, MS Windows and Diagnosis. The price excluding monitor is HFL. 4590, = (excluding VAT).

Catalog type
Desktop computer
Release Date
January 1990
Intel 80286 @ 12.5MHz
40MB HD, 1.44MB FDD
Operation System
MS-DOS 4.01

Museum Collection

Set up in the 90s area.