Sinclair PC200

The last computer with the brand name Sinclair. Released in 1988, this machine is actually an Amstrad PC1512 / Amstrad PPC 512 in a different cabinet.

With this striking computer case, in which the keyboard and computer are in one, Amstrad wanted to compete with Atari and Amiga in the slightly more professional segment. The latter because of the few sales Sinclair QL.

The PC 200 is really a very sparse one IBM PC XT compatible machine with CGA video, 512K memory and no hard disk.

Extensions in the form of plug-in cards are possible, but if very low cards are not used, the cabinet remains open.

All in all, the last Sinclair was not a great success and is highly sought after among collectors today.

Catalog type
Desktop computer
Release Date
Intel 8088 @ 8 MHZ
512 KB
3,5'' 720KB
Operation System
Collection Serial code Owner
Sinclair PC200 534-9531404 Ruud Baltissen