Sinclair MK 14

The first computer from Clive Sinclair. Originally created by Ian Williamson who asked Clive Sinclair and Chris Curry to create a computer based on the eerste computer uit de stal van Clive Sinclair. Oorspronkelijk bedacht door Ian Williamson welke Clive Sinclair en Chris Curry benaderde om een computer te ontwikkelen op basis van de National Semiconductor SC/MP 8-bit processor.

Both Sinclair and Curry liked the idea and Curry made it into a functional computer.

One year later, Chris Curry left the company because he felt that computers should have more power. He co-founded Acorn Computers.

Sinclair on the other hand found this machine a good idea to make cheap computers and the Sinclair computer brand was created.

One of the most important machines for the English.

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