Oric Atmos

The Oric Atmos is the successor of the Oric-1 and contains some improvements and has a better keyboard.

At the end of 1983, financing costs for the further development of Oric prompted the search for external financing, which ultimately led to a sale to Edenspring Investments PLC. The Edenspring money enabled Oric International to release the Oric Atmos, which added an improved keyboard and an updated V1.1 ROM to the Oric-1. The broken tape error checking routine was still there.

Shortly after the Atmos was released, the modem, printer, and 3-inch diskette drive originally promised for the Oric-1 were announced and released in late 1984. Oric-1 was published and advertised in magazines and bulletin boards. This change allowed the Oric-1 user to add a second ROM (with the Oric Atmos system) to a spare ROM socket on the Oric-1 logic board. Then, using a switch, users could switch between the new Oric Atmos ROM and the original Oric-1 ROM. This was desirable because the Atmos's updated ROM contained groundbreaking changes for some games that depended on certain behaviors or memory addresses in the ROM. This led to tape-based software that often contained a 1.1 ROM/Atmos version of the software on one side of the cartridge, and a 1.0 ROM/Oric-1 version on the other.

Previous titles from publishers that no longer existed or had stopped producing software for the Oric were unlikely to be updated.

Catalog type
Desktop computer
Release Date
February 1984
6502A @ 1 MHz
16kB / 48kB
Operation System
Oric Extended Basic v1.1