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Enterprise Computers

The Enterprise is a personal computer with a Zilog Z80 processor. It was launched in 1985 in two versions: Enterprise 64, 64 KB, Enterprise 128, 128 KiB RAM. The computer is unusually thin, with many curves, 40 x 27 x 2.5 cm, in black or dark gray plastic. The keyboard is color-coded and has a small joystick in the lower right corner. The cartridge slot is located on the left and the expansion bus is on the right. On the back there are two joystick ports, a Centronics parallel port, a serial / Net port and the monitor / sound port, all of them as edge of motherboard (to save costs). Between the serial and the monitor a remote control, the IN and OUT jacks of the cassette (the latter can be used for headphones) and a second remote jack (to be able to use two cassettes at the same time, one for data entry and the second for recording). It also has RF output and external power input. The keyboard is standard QWERTY. Plastic, color-coded keys (normal black, special green and 8 blue function keys). The integrated joystick takes the place of the cursor keys (as in the Spectravideo SVI-318).

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Enterprise 64