Bimex was a computer store somewhere in the early 1980s in Haelen, Limburg. This store was near a railroad crossing.

We do not have much information about this shop, except that it was pronounced in the District Court on 20 August 1984. This is because Apple sued the store.

Bimex sold computers with counterfeit Apple software under the Bimex brand and the Apple compatible brand. In addition, she also claimed to be an authorized Apple dealer through an Apple flag, stationery and trading copies of Apple handbooks.

See also the article below from the Telegraaf of 23-08-1984:

As far as we know, all Bimex computers were indeed returned and destroyed at the time. The HomeComputerMuseum therefore has the last remaining machine from this shop. The shop no longer exists, as well as some information about what happened after this ruling.

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