Atari TT030

Atari's attempt to bring a high-end workstation to market. However, it took another 2 years for Atari to convert UNIX SVR4 to this computer. As a result, the computer was not taken seriously in this market, especially in the beginning.

Originally meant with a Motorola 68020 processor, Atari realized that the Motorola 68000 was not the best choice for high-end and wanted to go for a full 32-bit processor.

However, Atari discovered during development that the new Motorola 68030 was even better suited and therefore opted for this processor. Considering how far they have come in development, little has changed on the mainboard. As a result, the processor ran at 32 MHz but all communication with extensions at 16 MHz.

The price was also higher than the existing ST line, so this market did not buy the computer. The computer was not a commercial success.

Atari followed in 1992 with the Atari Falcon, although not aimed at the high-end line, and stopped with home computers in 1993.

The TT030 is the only Atari with a standard VGA connection, a network port (for which there were no drivers) and for which NetBSD was made in 1995, without expansion.

Catalog type
Desktop computer
Release Date
2 - 16MB
50MB HDD + 1,44MB FDD
Operation System
Atari TOS 3.0x / Atari UNIX SVR4

Museum Collection

Set up in the 90s area.