Atari Falcon

The Atari Falcon, also known as Atari Falcon030 Computer System and Sparrow, was Atari's last computer. This machine was based on a Motorola 68030 CPU. The Falcon was released in 1992 and was canceled at the end of 1993 because Atari wanted to focus more on its new game console: Atari Jaguar. The Atari Falcon had many possibilities, but Atari decided to step out of the computer world.

The Atari Falcon also had, like its predecessors, special chips that gave it its power. What made the Atari Falcon a very special machine for its time was that Atari had built in a DSP for much faster operations. The blitter chip for fast graphics editing was also thrown up in speed.

Regarding sound, Atari decided to build in a codec that would allow the computer to reproduce 8 sound channels at 50 kHz. People could then make this audible again on an amplifier with speakers. A microphone was also built in. However, users were annoyed with the audio connections, as they wanted a normal line input and output.

The Falcon is the ultimate Atari ST and a dream machine for many people. Not many were sold at the time and the machine is now considered very rare.

Catalog type
Desktop computer
Release Date
Motorola 68030 @ 16 MHz
Operation System
TOS 4.04

Museum Collection

Set up interactively in the 90s area.