Macintosh Classic II

The Macintosh Classic II is also known as the Performa 1 and is the successor to the Macintosh Classic and Macintosh SE / 30.

However, this machine is 30% slower due to a slower 16-bit data bus, something which is 32-bit in the SE / 30.

Like the Macintosh SE/30, the Classic II was powered by a 16 MHz Motorola 68030 CPU and 40 or 80 MB hard disk, but in contrast to the SE/30, it was limited by a 16-bit data bus (the SE/30 had a 32-bit data bus) and a 10 MB memory ceiling. The slower data bus resulted in the Classic II being 30% slower than the SE/30.

The use of custom ICs, identical to those used in the LC, enabled the Classic II to have a lower component count than older Macs. Unlike the LC and the SE/30 before it, the Classic II does not have an internal Processor Direct Slot, making it the second slotless desktop Macintosh because the Classic was the first.

The Classic II was one of the three machines Apple repackaged as a Macintosh Performa when the brand was introduced in September 1992. Called the "Performa 200", it was sold with the same specifications as the original Classic II, with the addition of a speaker grille on the left side for enhanced sound. A number of changes to the packaged software were included, such as the At Ease desktop alternative, which aimed to provide a simpler user interface than the standard Macintosh Finder. The exact software included tended to vary from one retailer to the next. It was initially offered at a retail price of about $1,250 USD.

Catalog type
Desktop computer
Release Date
October 1991
Motorola 68030 @ 16 MHz
Operation System
System 6.0.8L

Museum Collection

Set up in the 80s area.