Apple II e

The successor of the Apple II+ (and Europlus) with the biggest improvement that this machine supports lower case characters.

The Apple IIe is the third model in the Apple II series of personal computers produced by Apple. The e in the name stands for enhanced, referring to the fact that several popular features were now built-in that were formerly only available as upgrades or add-ons in earlier models.

Improved expandability combined with the new features made for a very attractive general-purpose machine to first-time computer shoppers.

As the last surviving model of the Apple II computer line before discontinuation, and having been manufactured and sold for nearly 11 years with relatively few changes, the IIe earned the distinction of being the longest-lived computer in Apple's history.

This computer is the first computer with a case design (named Fog because of the color) that Apple later became known for.

Catalog type
Desktop computer
Release Date
January 1983
MOS 6502 @ 1.023 Mhz
Operation System
Apple Basic

Museum Collection

Set up interactively in the 80s area.


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