Apple IIeuroplus

After the success of the first Apple II in the United States, Apple expanded its market to include Europe and Asia in 1978.

Sales of the first Apple II computers began on June 5, 1977 with a 1 MHz MOS Technology 6502 microprocessor, 4 KB of RAM and an audio cassette interface.

The Integer BASIC programming language is built into the ROMs. The video controller showed 24 lines of 40 columns of text (in capital letters only) on the screen. An NTSC composite video output allowed for display on a monitor, or on a television using an RF modulator.

The Apple II was eventually succeeded by the Apple II+. This contained the programming language Applesoft BASIC and supported up to 64K memory.

In 1979, this Apple II + was modified to display a monochrome PAL signal. This is called the Apple II europlus. The Japanese version is called J-Plus.

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Desktop computer
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Apple Basic

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