Tulip NB 286

In 1989 Tulip Computers introduced its first portable: the LT 286. The whole consisted of an 80286 micro-processor (12 MHz), 1 MB of memory (expandable to 5 MB), a 20 or 40 MB HD and a 3.5 '' HD FD.

At the end of 1990 there is a new trump card in the portable tree of Tulip. The Tulip NB 286 is introduced. The box measures 28 by 25 by 5 cm and is 2 kg lighter than its predecessor, only 3600 grams. The machine contains a 12.5 MHz 80c286 processor from Intel. The available 1 MB internal memory can be expanded to 8 Mb and a monochrome VGA, floppy disk drive and 20 Mb HDD complete the package. The price was around 8000 guilders at the time.

Catalog type
Portable computer
Release Date
November 1990
Intel 80C286 @ 12,5 MHz
20MB HD en 1.44MB FD
Operation System
MS-DOS 5.0