Tandy 1000A

The Tandy 1000 was the second try of Tandy to create an IBM compatible PC. Actually, this began as a clone of the IBM PC junior. IBM’s answer to build a decent game machine (but failed). Tandy copied the good parts and improved the parts that killed the IBM PCjr.

The Tandy 1000 can, like the IBM PCjr, produce 16 colors at the same time and has 3-voiced audio. They also made sure the joystick from the Color Computer series worked on these machines.

Tandy 1000 and later series were the reason Tandy made computers well into the 90s.

The Tandy 1000HD is the 2nd version of the Tandy 1000 series. The original Tandy 1000 had an error on the mainboard that prevented it from driving HDD controllers. The other name for this machine is therefore Tandy 1000A.

Catalog type
Desktop computer
Release Date
February 1984
Intel 8088 @ 4 Mhz
2x FDD 5,25" + HD
Operation System
MS-DOS 2.11