Tandon, founded in 1975 by Sirjang Lal Tandon, a former mechanical engineer. At the start Tandon produced magnetical read/write heads for the then growing market for diskstations. Tandon was a direct rival of Shugart co. due to lower production costs  because of their products being produced in India. Tandon is probably the inventor of the Double Sided, Double Density (DS-DD) disks, wich was their most valued product at the start of the 80s in the past millenium. In 1979 Tandon introduced the TM-100 drive, supporting 40 tracks, in opposite to Shugart\'s 35 track drives. Computers that made use of this drive were the Tandy TRS80 Model III from 1980, and the IBM 5150. The Tandon drives were produced until 1985. Midway the 1980s Tandon started to produce HDD\'s, and Tandon was one of the pioneers introducing (hot) swappable harddisks, like the museum\'s Tandon 286/16 has. Though the demands for Tandon\'s computersupplies was very low in the midway 80\'s, all Tandon\'s data storage products were sold to Western Digital for $80 milion in 1988.

Desktop Computers

Tandon 286/12
Tandon T61402