Sperry‑Univac 3039‑01

This machine has been donated to us by the EDAH-museum. EDAH used to be a supermarket in the Netherlands and originated in Helmond. Little was known about this machine until one of our visitors, who used to work for Sperry-Univac, got us in contact with the engineers.

According to Sperry Univac's engineers, this is actually an UDS 2000. The company Rentokill from Australia, a company dealing with vermin infestations in houses/gardens etc, would be entering clients names, addresses, treatment etc. including the final bill and mailing them out. Sounds very similar to what Edah would have been doing.

It's basically a replacement system for the old card punch machines. Modern technology with the 8” floppy disk.

The machine is non-working at this moment, we're trying to get a hold on the documentation to get the machine working.

Catalog type
Desktop computer
Release Date
Zilog Z80A @ ?

Museum Collection

Set up in the 70s area.