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Robotron KC85/4

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The KC 85 ('KC' meaning "Kleincomputer", or "small computer") were models of microcomputers built in East Germany, first in 1984 by VEB Robotron

The KC85 BASIS DEVICE works with a U880-CPU 1,77 MHz [Z80-Clone]. 128 KByte RAM built in. 64 k restricted as IRM -Image Repetition Memory-. 64 k free available. Of these, 64 k of RAM, two 16 k blocks are for address 8000H parallel running, by bank switching up to 4 MByte. As well as 20 KByte ROM including: 4 k CAOS C , 8 k CAOS E , 8 k HC-BASIC. CAOS is the operating system of the BASIS DEVICE. CAOS used in text mode 40 x 32 characters. In the graphics mode 320 x 256 pixels, and 4 colors in fully graphic arts mode. In the other modes 16 colors for the foreground -INK-, and 8 background colors.

Catalog type
Release Date
January 1984
U880 @ 1.77MHz
Operation System
CAOS basic

Museum Collection

Set up in the 80s area.