Pearcom Pear II

The Pearcom Pear II is an (illegal) Apple II clone, designed in Belgium and made in both the Netherlands and England. The II is a direct reference to the Apple II and of course the logo of a pear instead of an apple makes it even more clear.

The system offers 14 I/O slots, where an Apple has only 8 slots. The processor is the same as an Apple 2, the MOS 6502, making the Pearcom Pear II compatible with all Apple software. A Z80 or an 8080 processor card can also be placed in the system, which makes it possible to use CP/M.

The keyboard can be converted to an AZERTY layout by means of a jumper, and the user only needs to swap the keys.

The display part supports 960 characters, 24 lines with 40 columns. Graphically, the system supports a resolution of 46x40 or 192x280.

Pearcom is a trade name of Rotor Electronics BV from Den Dolder. Pearcom itself was located in Bilthoven at the time.

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Catalog type
Desktop computer
Release Date
January 1983
MOS 6502 @ 1.032

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Set up in the 80s area.