Kenbak Corporation

John V. Blankenbaker (born 1929) had been developing a computer since the winter of 1949 thanks to a magazine article. In 1952 he worked at Hughes Aircraft Co. in the digital calculator department where he designed an arithmetic unit for a company data processor. Later in the 1950s he thought that a simple and affordable computer had to be made.

In the fall of 1970, he was out of work and began designing a computer for personal use. Low cost, educational and make users happy with the outcome of programs. The Kenbak-1 was born.

In 1971 the signs were made and sold. However, it remained at 40 pieces.

In 1973 production stopped and the concept, or company as far as it could be called, was sold to CTI Education Products who sold some of the machine under the name H5050.