Kangaroo Computers

Little is known about this Dutch computer manufacturer. From a former employee we understand that Kangaroo Computer Systems was located in Eindhoven at Hastelweg 250.

They ordered computer parts in Taiwan (and probably other countries) and then assembled their own clone computers. At the time, 1989, there were 3 models:

Kangaroo 400 (8086/8088 XT)
Kangaroo 600 (80286 AT)
Kangaroo 800 (80386)

The 400 was an office machine, the 600 a little faster and the 800 was mostly used for Autocad applications.

Later Acer computers came into the same building. It could be that the company was eventually taken over by Acer, but that is uncertain.

If you have more information about this brand, please let us know.

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