ITT 2020

The ITT 2020, the first legal Apple II clone from 1979. Apple released the Apple II in 1977. This used NTSC and 110v and is therefore not just suitable for the European market. It would take until the Apple IIeuroplus before the Apple II was also released in Europe.

However, the ITT 2020 had a number of advantages over the Apple IIeuroplus. For example, the Apple II used a special technique to support color through the NTSC signal (TV signal used in the United States). These, in reality errors, are not in the European PAL signal. However, the ITT 2020 has made an adjustment so that color could still be made by a similar method with PAL. This also brought disadvantages.

The ITT 2020 was therefore not compatible with Apple II graphics software and if it worked, it was distorted. This is because the NTSC had 280 pixels per line and the ITT 2020 added 360, while the number of vertical pixels remained the same. So this resulted in distortions.

The ITT 2020 has been on the market for several years and once the Apple IIeuroplus was available, sales stopped.

Catalog type
Desktop computer
Release Date
MOS 6502 @ 1
Operation System

Museum Collection

Set up in the 70s area.