Escom, formerly Schmitt Computer Systems Ltd., was a German computer company, best known in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Partly due to the acquisition of existing chains, Escom grew rapidly in the early 1990s. Branches were established in all major cities in the Netherlands. The rapid growth played tricks on Escom. There was inadequate management and negative brand awareness arose because the service left something to be desired. In 1995 the listed company suffered a loss of 185 million Deutsche Mark. Because no rescue effort got underway, the chain was declared bankrupt on July 15, 1996. However, a temporary restart was made under the name Escom 2001.

In the spring of 1995, Escom paid another 14 million dollars for the takeover of the assets of the bankrupt Commodore International. Escom was mainly interested in the Commodore brand name. The sale of computer systems under that brand was immediately started. A separate division was set up for Amiga-related articles under the name Amiga Technologies.

After the bankruptcy of Escom in 1996, the Commodore brand name was taken over by Tulip and the Amiga brand by Gateway.

Desktop Computer

Escom MT486

Portable Computer

Escom Greymate 486SX