The Wroclaw Electronic Works (Wrocławskie Zakłady Elektroniczne) were established 6 February 1959; the name Elwro was derived from the company’s telegraphic address.

The first model designed at this plant was the vacuum-tube based Odra 1001, released in December 1960; this was a research computer not put into serial production. Other computers followed who did went into serial production, starting with the Odra 1002 from 1962. The Odra 1305 from 1970 was the first one using intergrated circuits

By 1966 the factory had built 100 computers.

From 1985 to 1990 Elwro produced the Elwro 800 Junior microcomputer for education.

Peak employment at the plant was up to 6000 people. The factory was privatized in 1993 and purchased by Siemens, but wound down production. In 2000, the remains of the company were purchased by an American company, Telect, with plans to manufacture telecommunications equipment.

Desktop Computer

ELWRO 800-3 Junior