Digital Equipment Corporation is one of the United States\' leading computer companies. Founded in 1957 by Ken Olsen in Maynard, Massachusetts. Commonly known as DEC. In Europe and the United States, it is often abbreviated as Digital. The PDP and VAX series were the most common minicomputers in the science and technology fields of the 1970s and 1980s. From 1957 to 1992, its headquarters was located at Clock Tower Place, a former wool factory in Maynard, Massachusetts. Because Compaq was acquired by Hewlett-Packard (HP) in 2001, DEC\'s product line continues to be sold under the HP name. Formerly, some of DEC\'s businesses, particularly compilers, and its plant in Hudson, Mass., were sold to Intel. Due to the logo color and company size, it was nicknamed \"Small Blue\" against IBM\'s nickname \"Big Blue\". Later, the logo was changed from blue to burgundy (burgundy wine color). It has nothing to do with digital research (software company) or Western Digital (known for i.e. harddisk drives).

Desktop Computers

Digital MicroVAX 3100
Digital DECstation 5000/133
Digital DEX Multia
Digital PC 3000

Portable Computer

Digital Highnote VP