Corona Data Systems was an American computer company founded in 1981 by Robert Harp and Robert Steven Kramarz. In 1983 the first Corona PC was released, a clone of an IBM PC.

In early 1984, both Corona Data Systems and Eagle Computers were sued by IBM for copyright of the BIOS. Corona settled with IBM.

That same year, the most famous Corona was released, the PPC-400. In particular, the font of this was found to be elegant and clear. The non-portable version became the PC-400.

In 1985, the Daewoo company took a 70% share in the company and renamed it Cordata in 1986. After the original founder left because Daewoo used the company as a deduction due to large losses, the company was closed shortly afterwards.

Desktop Computer

Corona PPC-22

Portable Computer

Corona Portable PC